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The why’s of this place.

This place that I have created a year ago, is meant for my journey in the world of dramas and movies. I spend an unnecessary amount of money and time on watching dramas, shows and movies. I have been watching dramas for about 10 years and have been reading for almost the same duration, and always wanted to write drama reviews and give the wings of words to my thoughts and views. I have a skill for writing and wanted to articulate my thoughts about the dramas that I watch so enthusiastically. So, here I am with my first drama review. I’ll try not to include any spoilers and will do the review to the best of my knowledge and it will mostly be how or what I felt while watching the drama. This is more like my writing practice and in the course, learning to review as well. And also a place to store my thoughts and feelings that I experienced during this phase and hope to be a fun read for the future me.

So, here begins my journey of a longtime dream of reviewing dramas. I’m going to start with a new drama that is recently done and I plan on revisiting my oldie goldies in the process sometime down the lane. At the moment, I have been watching season 2 of an ongoing drama but cannot review it without talking about season 1. So, when I make time for re-watching season 1, I’ll get to reviewing both the seasons. But for now, I have chosen “Law School” a Netflix original Korean drama.

I will not limit myself to Korean since I watch all sorts of things ranging from dramas, documentaries, movies, reality shows, cooking shows, game shows and what not from multiple languages. I’m just starting with a Korean drama because I love watching them and is a little biased towards them. If you find this any bit silly and not worth your time, please ignore and go your way. I am only doing this for myself and while any feedback is appreciated, I do not need any naysayers questioning my choices or judgement. I have enough of that in real life and this place is just mine and mine alone.

Also, like I mentioned earlier, I plan to learn to write better and get a better vocabulary as well, but as of now, my writing comes along with my limitations of language and skill. Please tolerate me on this front and I promise to do better with every new post.

So, that’s it for the introduction and I plan to write at least 4 reviews a week, which is a lot but I’m going to try by best to keep up.

Thank you for staying with me and finding time for this. 🙂 Meet you soon.

Love, S


Author: journeyofmythoughts

I think i'm simply weird. In reality, I actually have no clue of what i am or what I'm meant to be or do in this world. I'd like to think that I'm in the process of finding out all that in this journey called life, though I'm not sure if i will ever be able to fully understand what I am and what my purpose in life is. In simpler words, I'm just another confused soul looking for a bit of clarity.

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